Police DAV Public School

Police Lines, Amritsar

Vision and Mission  


We envisage to raise Young Minds to become Responsible, Productive, Self Motivated, Mindful Global Citizens with the spirit of Comradeship, Brotherhood and Oneness.


  • We are dedicated to provide affordable, inclusive, quality education to BOTH the wards of Police Personnel & General Public and to instill in them Discipline, Decorum, Courtesy, Gratitude, Respect & above all the Wisdom to Act righteously.
  • We strive to help students expand their horizons and reach their highest potential through ample opportunities to excel.
  • We ensure Child-centric, Gender Sensitive, Safe, joyful and Motivating Learning Environment.
  • We are committed to continuosly improve ourselves to serve the community in a better way.
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Police DAV Public School
Police Lines, Amritsar,
Phone: 0183-5070362, 5070363
E-Mail: pdavps@gmail.com
Website: www.pdavasr.org

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